Four Generations Later.

And Still Growing Strong.

And Still Being Enjoyed by All.





Campos Borquez offers the best quality fruits and vegetables, we harvest 10 months out of the year. All while maintaining a ceaseless commitment to quality, food safety and policies that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Our Purpose

We’re a family that works hard to create a better way of life for other families. For our customers, we do it by offering fruits and vegetables of the highest quality. For our employees, we create opportunities for personal and professional growth. And for the communities in which we do business, we develop programs that provide residents with a richer, more fulfilling life. Today and well into the future.

Our Vision

To be a Company positioned to supply the world with quality fruits and vegetables. One that relies on an uncompromising work ethic to transcend the status quo – not only in terms of products and services, but in the way we positively impact the families and communities we serve. All with an eye toward innovation, diversity, and above all else, being human.

Harvesting a better future, inspired by humans.

To co-create a world where our families, communities and our planet can flourish.

Dignity Project is about empowering consumers, collaborators and communities to choose progress and honorability