Campos Borquez Produce

Campos Borquez offers the best quality fruits and vegetables, we harvest year-round. All while maintaining a ceaseless commitment to quality, food safety and policies that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Our grapes are distinguished by their unique size, color and flavor. We have been harvesting grapes for decades, our grapes go through an inspection process to ensure the best quality product is delivered to your table.

  • USDA Organic Agriculture and Rainforest certification
  • Grown in H. Caborca and Ciudad Obregon, in the state of Sonora
  • Available April to July

We grow green asparagus for 8 months of the year from the Yaqui Valley with strong volumes during the holidays and New Year’s Eve. All of our asparagus is Fair Trade Certified and we offer Organic availability during the spring. Campos Borquez’s vertical integration allows for a wide range of flexibility in packaging options.

We hope you will enjoy our delicious Asparagus and benefit from its rich nutritional quality.


Campos Borquez Organic Celery is considered one of the most sought after superfoods. We are the first and only Fair Trade certified producer.  Harvested by hand, we grow celery for 5 months of the year in the Yaqui Valley.

We hope you will enjoy our delicious organic celery and benefit from its rich nutritional quality.


For Mexico, avocado has a strategic importance in the national agriculture, being the first producer worldwide. At Campos Borquez our first avocado crops are currently growing, diversifying the variety of crops harvested in the Yaqui Valley. Avocado harvest takes place from November to February, and the warm climate of our fields is especially beneficial for this delicious fruit.

Soon we will be harvesting by hand the fruit that everybody loves.


Grown with Care

Fair Trade Certified

Campos Borquez believes the healthiest, most flavorful produce is also grown responsibly. That’s why we meet present needs without compromising future generations’ abilities to meet theirs.

Looking to grow as a Socially Responsible company, we pursued Fair Trade®. Since recently certified (2012), Campos Borquez has created a Fair Trade® Committee, founded “Fair Trade® de Campos Borquez AC”, and established commercial relationships with customers willing to participate in our program.

Certified for Excellence

ESR Empresa Socialmente Responsable
Global G.A.P.
Primus GFS
Calidad Suprema Mexico
USDA Organic
Fair Trade Certified™