About Campos Borquez

We are a family owned grower and distributor of premium produce, committed to long term relationships based on trust, transparency and loyalty. The core of our business is rooted in hard work, determination, tenacity, and a commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

Our Family Roots

We are 4th generation farmers, everything we do is an extension of our family.

  • Inspired by nature
  • Driven by passion
  • Cultivated by family
  • Four generations strong

Borquez Family History

How we do Business

We are proud to do business with meaningful interactions and principles, to follow our values and our moral compass, we generate transparency all the way to the end consumer, serving both domestic and international markets. We keep an eye on innovation and diversity and have the understanding that all things are interconnected, the quality you taste comes from the way we treat our produce and our people -with dignity and respect.

Our Vision and Mission


We meet present and future produce needs through innovative farming and empowering employment practices, ensuring quality growth of produce and people. We set a new standard of agriculture that endures year-round, and across generations.


Our purpose is to be the world’s most accountable provider of agriculture: Accountable to the land, to our collaborators, to our partners, and to our consumers. Providing the healthiest, tastiest, most sustainable produce possible is the Borquez standard.

Dedicated to Uphold the Highest Quality Standards in All That We Do

The Borquez Standard

We are a premium supplier of high quality, organic superfoods – delivering to stores fresh and direct from our growing regions. From regenerative soil to dignified partnerships with our harvesters, we believe Meaningful Produce™ comes when you treat both food and people with love.

Meaningful Produce encapsulates the meaningful purpose that goes into our produce, partners, and people, it is who we are.

  • Accountability to the soil and those we serve
  • Accountable to the land
  • Accountable to our collaborators
  • Accountable to our partners
  • Accountable to our consumers

This is the Borquez standard.

Good practices result in fruitful outcomes. We always choose to do what cultivates a better future in every decision we make.

The Campos Borquez Family