Borquez Family History

We are glad you are here sharing in our history, our culture, our values, and our business.

Our family farming legacy began years prior to the Mexican land reform, growing wheat and corn, when in 1976, Pablo Borquez Sr. lost the family land to the Mexican Government. With his innate innovation and vision, Pablo Sr. moved to Caborca to continue our family heritage in farming and planted the first table grapes vineyards in the region. 30 years later, on a mission to reclaim our family land, Pablo’s son Pablo II began his own legacy: becoming the first to produce asparagus and table grapes in the Yaqui Valley.

Today, as then, Campos Borquez has expanded the window in each crop, and we have began farming new crops beyond grapes and asparagus–adding avocados, and winter vegetables such as celery and cauliflower. We continue to innovate and search globally to bring innovation into the fields. We implement farming practices that take care of our soil health and precious resources, and produce the highest-level quality produce for our consumers.

Each day, all of us at Campos Borquez strive to grow the highest quality agricultural food products, through our legacy of service to each other, with integrity and trust, and with an enduring ambition to make the world a better place.

The cornerstone of our family and our business is service. Service to our team, to our community and our business partners. With this foundation and focus, we seek to contribute to our communities, to our farming collaborators and their families. We provide varied opportunities for personal empowerment, to improve their quality of life, and to elevate the communities they live in through a strong social commitment. We will continue to do this today, tomorrow and well into the future.