Leading with Innovation

Regenerative Agriculture

We treasure being as close to the earth as possible and strive for sustainability, the enhancement of soil fertility and biological diversity among other regenerative organic practices that enhance soil microbiology and long-term soil health.

We cultivate our farms with natural fertilization made through the degradation of natural matter and the interaction of the present microorganisms, which in turn brings life back to the soil contributing to the vitality and nutrients in the soil. This process creates healthy soil capable of producing productive farms and the finest quality nutrient dense food.


Innovation is at the core of our business. Through restless exploration of the possibilities of science and nature we have been growing crops in unconventional areas. The benefits are many: 1) secure year-round supply for your shelves, 2) comparative advantages that allow us to operate at lower cost, and 3) promote economic growth in untapped rural communities.

Growers Club

What is the main challenge for small, local farmers to thrive in the modern competitive business environment? Every time, the answer has to do with access to technology and market. At Campos Borquez we are creating an integrated platform based in 100% transparency, focused in empowering small and medium size farmers. The platform will provide the plant (genetics), technical advisory, packing and sales services.

To enclose this platform, the basis is the cultural training – by certifying the farmer Fair Trade and Organic, we ensure every product comes under the same quality and responsibility standard. Additionally, the farmer benefits from social projects associated with the certifications.

Sustainable Packaging

Campos Borquez wants to redefine sustainability by not only meeting produce packaging needs but finding ways to exceed them by using materials that are kind to the environment with innovation and a functional approach. We are committed to sustainable packaging, coming soon.