Fair Trade Programs

The Fair Trade® programs allow us to go beyond our boundaries, allowing us to ensure better working conditions to farm workers and to empower their communities, by providing them with access to resources, training, education and home improvements projects. What we seek is to promote more responsible consumption practices, so that individuals and businesses can make a positive impact on the lives of those on the front lines of the harvest, and contribute to a more just and sustainable world.

Fair Trade Committee

When you purchase one of our Fair Trade® Certified products, a percentage of its cost is destined to the Fair Trade prime. This prime is an additional amount of money that consumers pay for the product, and that makes them sure the farm workers are getting an honorable treatment.

This prime is used to improve the living conditions of our collaborators, their families and their communities and it’s administered by an internal Fair Trade Committee, which is constituted by farmer leaders from different communities of origin and also by representative collaborators from Campos Borquez. In an annual assembly, they submit every proposed project to a vote, where our farm working collaborators are present. That way we maintain transparency of how the prime is being used.

Dental and optometrist services

Thanks to the dental services provided with the Fair Trade prime, we’ve helped to build smiles on our collaborators and their families, through free services like cavity treatment, extractions, dental prosthesis and dental cleaning treatments.

We also conduct optometrist campaigns throughout the year, where our collaborators can get a pair of glasses without cost.

Beside contributing to a better level of comfort, we provide a better overall experience during their stay.

Home improvement projects

Aware of the needs of our collaborators, we are committed to making substantial transformations in their life and their families. Through the Home Improvement Support Program held by our Fair Trade Committee, we help our collaborators to make upgrades to their homes back in their communities, or in some situations, even start building a house.  This program is destined to purchase construction materials like gravel, bricks, stair rods, among others.

Water Project in Veracruz

As a result of a needs survey made in 2017 to our collaborators, the Fair Trade Committee detected the necessity of a water supply at the community of Hueyapán, Veracruz, MX, this is a town where a great percentage of our collaborators come to work from.

The lack of this basic service, caused mothers and children to have to walk around 2 miles to get water from the nearest supply. We were able to make this project possible thanks to the Fair Trade prime in the same year.

Laundry Service Project

In 2021 our collaborators voted for the construction of a laundry service station, with the purpose of improving their experience at the campings. The project was launched in 2022, and it helped to improve their comfortness and allowed them to have more time for rest and recreation.


Scholarships enable talented students from diverse backgrounds to access higher education. They have a profound impact on individuals, communities, and society as a whole. This Fair Trade Program started with the purpose of helping our collaborators and their sons to finish their studies. Students from elementary school to university can be benefited, and with this economic aid they can pay part of their tuition, uniforms and scholar materials.