Meaningful Produce

We are a premium supplier of high quality, organic super foods—delivering to stores fresh and direct from our growing regions. From regenerative soil to dignified partnerships with our harvesters, we believe Meaningful Produce™ comes when you treat both food and people with love. Meaningful Produce™ encapsulates the meaningful purpose that goes into our produce, partners, and people, it is who we are.


Meaningful Produce defines the Borquez family identity, values, culture and purpose. This is what makes Campos Borquez unique and extraordinary. Meaningful Produce is our life and who we are, it’s what gives meaning to what we do in providing fresh high-quality produce to consumers, while benefiting our communities and contributing to the lives of our team, collaborators and their families.

We create projects of life by providing opportunities for a better quality of life through our Dignity Project initiatives.


Meaningful Produce results from the practices that we implement to the ways in which we farm. Our first priority is to cultivate our farmland so as to benefit our communities and surrounding eco system. We practice regenerative agriculture to maintain nutrient-rich soil and, treat our valuable resources with care and sustainability. In this way our practices continually nourishes the produce that we grow year-round.

The number one priority for us is to provide high-quality nutrient-dense food to our customers. Healthy food comes from healthy soil, we operate each day understanding that we are accountable to the soil we all depend on and to the consumers that we serve.


We focus on regenerative organic practices that improve and replenish our farmlands. Organic farming employs sustainable practices that work in harmony with nature. Organic farming keeps toxins out of our soil, our drinking water, and the air we all breath. Organic soil captures more carbon from the atmosphere and has the ability to contribute to the reversal of climate change.

By purchasing organic food, grown in organic soil free from chemicals you ensure you and your family get the nutritional benefits nature intended.

Meaningful Produce is more than growing produce–it’s leading with principles and meaningful pursuits. Treat people with dignity and be accountable to the land, our collaborators, our partners and our consumers.