The Dignity Project

Growing food that people love starts with loving the people who grow it.

The Dignity Project provides healthcare, education, clean water, and fair wages to Campos Borquez harvesters and their families in order to restore communities, self-esteem, and hope. It’s taking the practice of regenerative farming beyond the soil – seeding and sowing good things into the roots of people that will last for generations.

Our land deserves attention, nourishment, and care—and people do, too.

Fair Trade Programs

The Fair Trade® programs allow us to go beyond our boundaries, allowing us to ensure better working conditions to farm workers and to empower their communities, by providing them with access to resources, training, education and home improvements projects. What we seek is to promote more responsible consumption practices, so that individuals and businesses can make a positive impact on the lives of those on the front lines of the harvest, and contribute to a more just and sustainable world.

The Borquez-Schwarzbeck Foundation

A place of opportunities. One of The core principles of our foundation is the development and growth of rural communities by providing them with essential tools that can improve their lives. Our field of action is divided into 7 main areas: Prevention, Education, Recreation, Job Training, Sports and Food Assistance. When the COVID-19 pandemic situation forced us to stay home, we launched our Food Assistance program, which consists of delivering food pantries and donating part of our harvested produce to needed communities. Simultaneously, we launched a home farming training program, so people could grow their own food for self consumption or as an extra source of income.