Social Policy


To be ruled by sustainable and responsible practices in the company Campos Borquez, promoting the preservation of water, avoiding the damage of the soils, supporting the communities of origin of our collaborators.


Applicable in all facilities and areas of operation of La Realidad FABOSCH S.A. de C.V. and Campo Pablo Borquez S.A. de C.V.


The company Campos Borquez is committed to implement actions focused on the following items:

Water care.

Implement water conservation methods, such as efficient irrigation systems and water saving in the fields, packing houses, and offices.

Regularly monitor the quality of drinking and irrigation water, complying with established environmental and safety standards.

Promote awareness within and outside the company about the importance of responsible water usage and provide training on conservation practices.

Reducing environmental impact

Adopt sustainable agricultural practices that minimize the use of agrochemicals, promote soil recovery and biodiversity, such as crop rotation, biological pest control, and protection of flora and fauna.

Implement appropriate waste management programs, including the reduction, reuse, recycling and proper disposal of agricultural waste and packaging.

Promote energy reduction, creating campaigns to reduce the use of fossil fuels and electricity.

Social support and attention to communities

Maintain volunteer teams that participate in activities to support communities, local organizations and educational institutions.

Ensure the implementation of support programs in the communities of our field employees, through fair trade programs.

Attend basic needs of local communities, establishing programs for: job training, financial support, recreational, educational, psychosocial, food assistance and sports programs.

Support education and training initiatives on agricultural and environmental topics, conducting workshops on sustainable agricultural practices and water conservation with the participation of local educational institutions.


Campos Borquez is a company committed to its collaborators, the community and the environment, adhering to international norms and standards, working on the implementation of sustainable practices, ensuring that its actions ensure the welfare of future generations.