Our Purpose

What Matters.

Beyond any fruit or vegetable, Campos Borquez is determined to grow life projects in its collaborators, their families and the adjacent communities. What started as a moral inclination of the Borquez family had to evolve into a structured operation in order to ensure that the problems observed on these communities get resolved from their root. As a result The Borquez family created the Borquez Schwarzbeck Foundation in 2007 and later partnered with Fair Trade USA certification in 2013.

The Borquez Schwarzbeck Foundation focuses on the rural communities in the Yaqui and Caborca Valleys – where Campos Borquez operates. Through the creation of two community centers the foundation provides academic curriculum from Primary School to professional programs, additional courses on computer use, reading, writing, crafts, cooking and guitar are always offered as well as family therapy. These are meant to empower families to find and develop their cultural and professional interests. In 2015 the foundation reached 61 communities and 53,200 beneficiaries.

Campos Borquez partnership with Fair Trade USA has allowed retailers and the final consumer to engage in the company’s philosophy. Every purchase under Fair Trade Certification has a premium strictly destined to projects that promote safe, healthy working conditions, protect the environment, enable transparency, and empower communities to build strong, thriving businesses. Since 2013 Campos Borquez’s Fair Trade program has provided 519 scholarships, free dental and optometrist services to 3,092 collaborators, and supplied potable water to nearly 300 households in Veracruz, Mexico where most of the company’s migratory labor comes from.

Life projects