This salad is an excellent choice as it is a quick fresh and nutritious option, if you leave cooking the quinoa a day before it can be ready in less than 5 minutes. You can have it at dinner or at lunch, anyway you have to try it!
Every ingredient is well planned in order to create a complete healthy meal:
▫️ The pistachios contain iron.
▫️ The quinoa is a low-fat vegetable protein.
▫️ The avocado has omega 3 and folic acid.
▫️ The grapes are rich in antioxidants!

▫️ 20 peeled pistachios, without salt
▫️ 10 black grapes
▫️ 1 avocado
▫️ 200 gr of quinoa
▫️ Fresh cilantro
▫️ Olive Oil
▫️ 1 clove of garlic
▫️ Refined marine salt
▫️ Newly ground black pepper

▫️ Following the manufacturer’s instructions, cook the quinoa.
▫ Once cooked, drain it and let it cool.
▫ In a cup add a bunch of fresh chopped cilantro, a generous jet of olive oil, a clove of very small chopped garlic, a pinch of salt and pepper. Then stir.
▫️ Add the mixture to the quinoa and mix well in a bowl.
▫️ At last, add the peeled grapes, the pistachios and the avocado.


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