Nowadays, sustainable agriculture represents a challenge for the agricultural industry throughout the world; this is distinguished by the incorporation and interaction of numerous ecological, social and economic factors. All this, in order to offer an integral agricultural system that responds to common needs.

For Campos Borquez one of the main concerns is the protection of the environment and Social Responsibility. Thanks to the effort and support of all the people who work inside and outside the company, we were able to acquire and implement friendly practices with the environment, as well as social projects aimed to improve the living conditions of our collaborators, always with the commitment to promote the growth and development of each of them within the company and their communities, in order to “Harvest Life Projects”.

Starting May 2018 La Realidad Fabosch S.A. of C.V. (Block 609, 807, 809, 1103) and Campo Pablo Borquez S.A. of C.V. (Block 711) acquired the Rainforest Alliance international certification, and in June of this same year obtained the certification in USDA Organic Agriculture in a lot of Grapes in Caborca, Sonora.

What is a USDA Organic certification?
Maintaining or improving soil fertility characterizes organic agriculture, chemical products such as pesticides or artificial nitrogen fertilizers are not used or produced, genetically modified plants or seeds are not used and animal welfare is ensured.

The USDA Organic certification is based on the Organic Production Standards for the US (NOP-USDA), created by the United States Department of Agriculture. This certificate is necessary for clients who wish to export their organic production to the United States.

What is needed to obtain certification?
To obtain this label it has to be inspected by an approved certifier. They ensure that the producer conforms to the necessary organic standards. This seal guarantees the production of healthy foods; several studies confirm that the nutrients and anti-oxidants in organic food are greater than in conventionally harvested foods.

What is a Rainforest certification?
The main benefit of this certification is the opening to new national and international markets, providing access to buyers of specialized products where awareness of the environment is more developed, contractual stability, favorable credit options, advertising, technical assistance and “Premium” markets, where the consumer is very interested in knowing exactly the origin and production conditions of what he buys.

Sustainable certification increases the efficiency of farms, reduces the use of expensive inputs and improves administration. Workers benefit from a cleaner, safer and more dignified workplace where their rights are respected.

What is needed to obtain certification?
The Rainforest Alliance certification is granted through the implementation of a rigorous system based on the Rainforest Alliance Standard for Sustainable Agriculture 2017 with exhaustive environmental, social and economic criteria.

“Thank you all for your effort and perseverance that involves carrying out this type of action in benefit of growth and strengthening for the company and for each of us as people.”

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