“I want to raise my head in front of everyone, I want to talk in the presence of any person, I want to learn new things and enrich my family with good values…” These are some of the thoughts women at the Yaqui Valley shared with us.

These are women made of work and effort, which are not afraid of heat or cold, and are in the pursuit for a Project of Life. Admirable women that are on their own, it’s sad to look at the silence in their eyes and the muted voices that no one had heard for a long time.

For them, Campos Borquez is a place where they find wellbeing for their families, personal growth and self-esteem, income generation, and get the tools to face life with hope.

This 1st Women’s Journey was filled with laughs, workshops, opinions, exchange of ideas, and most of all, a space to hear those muted voices.

We learn that even when life situations are rough and complex, the decision of facing them with a positive attitude is within ourselves, we must not allow our problems make us feel that we cannot raise our head and move on.

Campos Borquez gave us the opportunity of feeling rewarded, supported, but mainly made us realize that we are not alone, our families are the engines that push us to keep struggling to reach our goals. We listen to situations that other women are living with empathy. We realized that we can overcome diseases, family conflicts or work problems, everything has a solution when you see things from a different perspective, when you value yourself as a person, when you value your dignity, your personality and your own look.

To raise your head goes beyond a facial gesture, is to express that we are here and we are going for more, is to remove that awful feeling of inferiority, is to be aware about our health, our feeding and our families, is to be free to work and take decisions without the fear of being judged, is to get empowered to transform our environment, it’s realizing that we were created with a purpose and that we are going to accomplish it.

In Campos Borquez, we want our women to be able and willing to raise their head.

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