First-ever Grape Harvest in the Yaqui Valley!

Campos Borquez is happy to announce that it has successfully concluded the first-ever grape harvest in the Yaqui Valley located in Obregon, Sonora, Mexico.

The Yaqui Valley was home to Norman Borlaug during his Nobel Peace Prize winning research that spurred the green revolution in the 1940s. Since then this valley has been one of Mexico’s primary supplier of grains.

Yet, the 250,000+ hectare valley was not build overnight. It was a group of brave individuals that pioneered these lands in the early 1900’s. Among them, were members of the Borquez and Schwarzbeck families, four generations back.

Today, Campos Borquez strives to honor the same values of honest hard work, unity and respect to the environment while innovating with higher valued crops that help the local economy and feeds the world with delicious fruits and vegetables. Just like with grapes, Campos Borquez pioneered the Asparagus crop 17 years ago, and today it is the single crop that offers the most jobs in the region. We believe that grapes can have a greater impact on our community.

Our grapes were available @Loblaws in Canada and several other retail chains in the U.S. Look out for our Melo Grapes next summer starting the last week of April!