ESR: Socially Responsible Certified

Campos Borquez has, since its inception, pursued philanthropic goals (the Borquez Schwarzbeck Foundation). In 2009, we pursued a Social Responsibility certification (ESR in Spanish); we believe that by doing so, we help inspire other farming companies to do as well.

Fair Trade Certified

Looking to grow as a Socially Responsible company, we pursued Fair Trade®. Since recently certified (2012), Campos Borquez has created a Fair Trade® Committee, founded “Fair Trade® de Campos Borquez AC”, and established commercial relationships with customers willing to participate in our program.

Global GAP

Through this program we have certified our production and packing protocols are consistent with the international standards that ensure the risks of contaminants and food safety faults are averted.

Primus GFS

Food Safety is our top priority. As such, we make sure to pursue the most rigorous certifications regarding food safety. In addition to basic food safety controls, Primus GFS includes the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCAP) systematic preventive approach for Food Safety.


SENASICA is the Mexican entity that certifies that our production practices are in fulfillment of its Contaminant Risk Reduction System (SRRC in Spanish). These include the elimination of any risks pertaining to physical, chemical or biological contamination.

Mexico Calidad Suprema

This governmental certification verifies, through third party auditors, the proper sanitary conditions of Campos Borquez’s infrastructure and practices, as is defined by official government regulation.