At Campos Borquez, we make sure there is enough Asparagus for your family during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Not only does it bring a deliciousness to your meals, but it also comes with endless health benefits for all of your family!

Among Asparagus vast health benefits, here are five that you probably didn’t know (Clik Here to open Full article.):

1) It can help fight cancer
2) Asparagus is packed with antioxidants
3) Asparagus is a brain booster
4) It is a nature diuretic
5) It is loaded with nutrients
We pack in Jumbo (>19mm), XL (16-19mm), L (13-16mm) Standard (8-13mm) and Small (5-8mm) sizes.



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What is Nature's Partner®

Nature’s Partner® is the brand under which we pack the majority of our Asparagus. Through a joint-marketing venture between the Giumarra Cos. and Campos Borquez, Giumarra Borquez L.L.C. was born. Campos Borquez is delighted to pack under Nature’s Partner® and all that this brand stands for.

Pablo Borquez has known Don Corsaro, Giumarra Cos founder, since he was a young man working for Grandpa Borquez, and it was the loyalty and transparency that Mr. Corsaro showed at those times what made the decision a no-brainer for Pablo.